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About Us

Mother and daughter team, Lisa and Alissa, developed Sweet Spirits Farm into a goat’s milk soap business in late 2007, just after Alissa arrived home after backpacking in New Zealand for 10 months.The idea of purchasing a dairy goat occurred while Alissa was staying with a family in South Island New Zealand, where she was working a few hours a day in exchange for food and accommodation through a program called WWOOF- Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. The family kept one goat, Lola, for all their milk needs. After experiencing the sweet and creamy taste of the fresh goat’s milk, reading about its health benefits, and admiring Lola’s docile personality, she shared the idea of getting a dairy goat with her Mom. It didn’t take much to convince Lisa, an already avid animal lover, to try it out.

In August 2007, she came home with not one, but two dairy goats, named Puddie and Sadie. She soon found out how much milk two small goats can produce, so she dabbled at soap making to use the surplus of milk. Lisa intended on making the soap just for her family, but as she handed out samples and gave away a few bars as gifts, the word got out and people asked for more. With Lisa’s willingness to do the physical work and Alissa’s education background in marketing, the pair decided to go into business.

Lisa makes the soap out of lard she buys locally, coconut oil (which helps it lather), fresh whole goat’s milk, lye (a natural by-product of wood ash), essential oils, and in some recipes, herbs and flowers. The honey oatmeal bars contain local honey and rolled oats. The bars are all handmade and contain at least 1/3 goat’s milk by weight, so……. LATHER UP with goat’s milk!

Sweet Spirits Farm is now run by Lisa and Dave Scharnhorst and is located in New London, Missouri